So, what's with the URL? Zauberfloete is German for "Magic Flute". Now, if you try to search this online, you'll likely find results for Die Zauberfloete (The Magic Flute), an Opera written by Mozart in the 1790s. I'm sure it's lovely, but it's not what I named the site for-- I named it after a Weimar-era (1918-1933) German gay club I found while translating a lesbian periodical (Die Freundin) a few years back.

What about you? Who are you? A lacuna (pl.lacunae or lacunas) is a gap in a manuscript, inscription, text, painting, or musical work. A manuscript, text, or section suffering from gaps is said to be "lacunose" or "lacunulose". Weathering, decay, and other damage to old manuscripts or inscriptions are often responsible for lacunae - words, sentences, or whole passages that are missing or

What do you do for fun? Bake, cook, cross-stitch, watch scummy little action movies, thrift for shirts most likely to appeal to vampires. And work on this site, of course :] I like to poke around at a lot of other little hobbies/skills, too-- plastic canvas, jewelry making, and quilting have been a few of my recent ones. I usually put them down within a few weeks after picking them up, but some (sewing comes to mind) I find myself circling back to again and again. I've learned how to give up "perfect", and these hobbies are my path towards also letting go of "good". Sometimes you just have to Make Things to get it out of your system.

Where else can I find you? Nowhere, I'm afraid-- I'm deathly allergic to social media. You're welcome to leave your thoughts in the guestbook though!

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