Title Year Vibe Runtime Watched? Notes
action USA 1989 action 1:37:00 not yet BOTW; truck explodes before the car hits it
battles without honor and humanity 1973 action 1:39:00 not yet yakuza movie
bloodmoon 1997 action 1:30:00 yes RULES
death wish 2 1982 action 1:28:00 yes meatier than I expected! You could genuinely get a compelling analysis of how kersey's single-minded drive at revenge isolates him from others and pushes him away from actual healing/grief. Also, explosions and cops looking stupid.
dolemite 1974 action 1:30:00 not yet
geteven 1993 action 1:29:00 not yet black tank top movie. awful songs sung by protag. a gem.
hana-bi 1998 action 1:43:00 not yet yakuza movie w/ absurdist tone; on internet archive!
kung fu chefs 2008 action 1:30:00 yes RULES
low blow 1986 action 1:24:00 yes BOTW; cameron mitchell refuses to get out of the wicker chair; giant fist on cover
miami connection 1987 action 1:28:00 not yet weirdly sentimental karate movie
panther squad 1984 action 1:17:00 not yet BOTW
partners 2009 action 1:38:00 not yet BOTW- remarkable incompetence, $5 budget
petey wheatstraw 1977 action 1:40:00 yes rudy ray moore CAMP
seven samurai 1954 action 3:27:00 not yet origin of ""unlikely group bands together"" trope
the crime killer 1987 action 1:30:00 yes VHS UA; greek guy in black tank top movie
gemini home extertainment 2019 analog 1:27:00 yes
local58 2015 analog 0:23:00 yes
winter of '83 2023 analog 1:08:00 yes
akira 1988 anime 2:04:00 not yet
my neighbor totoro 1988 anime 1:26:00 yes
nausicaa valley of the wind 1984 anime 1:57:00 yes
paprika 2006 anime 1:30:00 not yet satoshi kon
porko rosso 1992 anime 1:34:00 not yet
spirited away 2001 anime 2:05:00 yes RULES
the house that dripped blood 1971 anthology 1:41:00 not yet
trick r treat 2007 anthology 1:22:00 yes perfect halloween movie
v/h/s/94 2021 anthology 1:40:00 yes
climax (dance horror) 2018 artsy 1:35:00 not yet lani says the first half drags
I saw the TV glow 2024 artsy 1:40:00 not yet EXPUNGED, made by director of ""we're all going to the world's fair""
knife + heart 2018 artsy 1:42:00 yes SUCKS
mother 2017 artsy 2:01:00 not yet weird semi-biblical horror??
neon demon 2016 artsy 1:57:00 not yet jay from RLM likes it, very stylized
possum 2018 artsy 1:25:00 yes SUCKS
raw 2016 artsy 1:39:00 yes french, mid but the last scene saves it
red rooms 2023 artsy 1:58:00 not yet EXPUNGED, ""Montreal-based model becomes obsessed with a high-profile serial killer trial""
riddle of fire 2023 artsy 1:55:00 yes shot on film, ""wyoming fairytale""-- enjoyed the visuals, thought it did a great job taking you into fairytale like environment-- but thought the 2/3 mark was weak (they pop the bubble of fantasy, which i liked because it showed how well they had constructed that fantasy….. But then bring you slam-back into the bubble for the very end. Not sure how I feel about that, why pop just to re-enter?)
suspiria 1977 artsy 1:32:00 not yet
the lighthouse 2019 artsy 1:49:00 yes
under the silver lake 2018 artsy 2:19:00 not yet HITB; code-laden commentary on how hollywood eats women alive
after last season 2009 bad 1:30:00 not yet BOTW, incompetency on a seemingly impossible scale
cade: the tortured crossing 2023 bad 1:36:00 yes breen
cathy's curse 1977 bad 1:30:00 not yet ""your mother's a bitch"".wav
death spa 1988 bad 1:27:00 yes BOTW
double down 2005 bad 1:33:00 not yet breen
fateful findings 2012 bad 1:40:00 yes breen
hack-o-lantern 1988 bad 1:27:00 yes BOTW
hauntedween 1991 bad 1:27:00 yes BOTW
maniac 1934 bad 0:57:00 not yet
manos: hands of fate 1966 bad 1:14:00 yes watch at 2x speed for max comedy
plan 9 from outer space 1959 bad 1:18:00 not yet bela lugosi's last movie
reefer madness 1936 bad 1:08:00 yes ehh? Better as a group, would be boring on it's own
robot holocaust 1986 bad 1:19:00 yes matthew's favorite
shark exorcist 2015 bad 1:10:00 yes
the amazing bulk 2012 bad 1:15:00 yes fucking incomprehensible. Lots of stock footage of rockets, worst CGI backgrounds I've ever seen in my life
things 1989 bad 1:23:00 not yet BOTW
through dead eyes 1999 bad 1:21:00 not yet aka ""through doohan's eyes""
twisted pair 2018 bad 1:29:00 not yet breen
wicked world 1991 bad 1:43:00 not yet BOTW, genuinely fucking incomprehensible
wish upon 2017 bad 1:29:00 not yet RLM recommends it as room-level bad
bloody muscle body builder in hell 1995 body horror 1:02:00 yes RULES
Bride of Re-Animator 1990 body horror 1:36:00 yes RULES
crimes of the future (new) 2022 body horror 1:47:00 yes
crimes of the future (original) 1970 body horror 1:10:00 not yet
dead ringers 1988 body horror 1:55:00 not yet
eraserhead 1977 body horror 1:29:00 yes
freaks 1932 body horror 1:04:00 yes
re-animator 1985 body horror 1:26:00 yes RULES
scanners 1981 body horror 1:42:00 not yet
society 1989 body horror 1:39:00 yes RULES
suitable flesh 2023 body horror 1:40:00 not yet started as a stuart gordon movie!! Produced by yuzna, looks amazing, body swap lovecraftian horror but make it sexy
tetsuo: the iron man 1989 body horror 1:07:00 yes
the fly 1986 body horror 1:35:00 not yet
tusk 2014 body horror 1:41:00 yes
videodrome 1983 body horror 1:30:00 yes RULES
big lebowski 1998 comedy 1:57:00 yes
cabin in the woods 2011 comedy 1:35:00 not yet
cecil b demented 2000 comedy 1:28:00 not yet
death of stalin 2017 comedy 1:47:00 yes
dogma 1999 comedy 2:15:00 yes
free time 2024 comedy 1:18:00 not yet EXPUNGED, ""late 20s man quits his job and realizes he has no idea what to do with his newfound free time""
eating raoul 1982 comedy 1:23:00 not yet black comedy about feeding people to food snobs :-)
house of the long shadows 1983 comedy 1:41:00 yes vincent price, peter cushing, and christopher lee!
jennifer's body 2009 comedy 1:42:00 yes
killing romance 2023 comedy 1:47:00 not yet EXPUNGED, ""young man and retired actress conspire to murder her vain, possessive husband""; musical South Korean romcom
Muppet Treasure Island 1996 comedy 1:39:00 yes
murder party 2007 comedy 1:19:00 not yet made by the guy who did blue ruin
network 1976 comedy 2:01:00 not yet ""network exploits insane anchorman's ramblings for profit""
office space 1999 comedy 1:29:00 yes
the people's joker 2022 comedy 1:32:00 not yet trans parody of da joker baby
scream 1996 comedy 1:40:00 yes
carnival of souls 1962 creatures 1:20:00 not yet
fungicide 2002 creatures 1:24:00 yes RULES
gnaw: food of the gods ii 1989 creatures 1:31:00 yes RULES. saw @ EXPUNGED!!
jack o 1995 creatures 1:28:00 not yet
night of the demon 1980 creatures 1:36:00 not yet BOTW, bigfoot splatter film
nope 2022 creatures 2:15:00 yes RULES
out of mind 1998 creatures 0:56:00 yes low budget, earnest and endearing
slugs: the movie 1988 creatures 1:26:00 yes
suburban sasquatch 2004 creatures 1:37:00 yes BOTW
the host (bong joon ho) 2006 creatures 1:59:00 not yet
the killer shrews 1959 creatures 1:08:00 not yet
the Mummy 1999 creatures 2:04:00 yes RULES
the screaming skull 1958 creatures 1:08:00 yes
the shape of water 2017 creatures 2:03:00 yes RULES
the thing 1982 creatures 1:49:00 not yet
the wasp woman 1959 creatures 1:12:00 not yet
Tremors: Attack Pack 1990 creatures 1:36:00 yes RULES
eyes wide shut 1999 cults 2:39:00 not yet
get out 2017 cults 1:44:00 yes
hereditary 2018 cults 2:07:00 yes
midsommar 2019 cults 2:25:00 yes
the ritual 2017 cults 1:34:00 yes the one with the convienence store in the woods-- annoying guy, but really cool visuals
evil dead 1981 demons 1:25:00 not yet
evil dead 2 1987 demons 1:25:00 not yet
late night with the devil 2023 demons 1:26:00 yes RULES RULE RULES PHENOMENAL. Saw at EXPUNGED!
paganini horror 1989 demons 1:22:00 not yet weirdo italian piece
chop and steele 2022 documentary 1:22:00 not yet 2 comedians prank local morning shows with their fake strongman act, get sued to hell and back by media conglomerate
dear censor 2011 documentary 0:59:00 not yet british film censorship doc
mister organ 2022 documentary 1:36:00 not yet made by the guy who did tickled
the smartest guys in the room 2005 documentary 1:50:00 yes enron documentary
tickled 2016 documentary 1:32:00 yes
the unknown known 2013 documentary 1:42:00 yes
12 angry men 1957 drama 1:35:00 not yet
august osage county 2013 drama 1:59:00 yes that one fucked up family drama where only like, one couple is actually okay
blue ruin 2013 drama 1:30:00 not yet deconstruction of a revenge movie feat. Just Some Guy
the curse of quon gwon 1917 drama 0:36:00 not yet
the world 2004 drama 2:23:00 not yet ""emphasizes emptiness of globalization against the backdrop of an abandoned amusement park""
there will be blood 2007 drama 2:38:00 yes
crimson peak 2015 ghosts 1:59:00 not yet
heck 2020 ghosts 0:28:00 not yet spooky as shit, basis for skinamarink
lake mungo 2008 ghosts 1:29:00 not yet
the haunting 1963 ghosts 1:52:00 not yet
the shining 1980 ghosts 2:22:00 yes
winchester 2018 ghosts 1:39:00 not yet
creep 2014 gross 1:20:00 yes
creep 2 2017 gross 1:18:00 yes
barbarians at the gate 1993 insane rich people movies 1:47:00 yes RJR NABISCO BUYOUT. BEST FILM OF ALL TIME.
the big short 2015 insane rich people movies 2:10:00 yes STINKS. watched the first 10min and turned it off. Just couldn’t stand the tone.
margin call 2011 insane rich people movies 1:47:00 not yet 48hrs after crash of '08
saltburn 2023 insane rich people movies 2:11:00 yes twisty turny plot about a college kid from a rough background who worms his way into/gets swept up in a rich family
wall street 1987 insane rich people movies 2:06:00 yes gordon gecko! Enjoyed, but wouldn't rewatch.
wall street 2: money never sleeps 2010 insane rich people movies 2:13:00 yes oh no this one has shia lebeouf
winter kills 1979 insane rich people movies 1:37:00 yes saw at EXPUNGED! ""hyper-paranoiac"" take on the kennedy family/JFK assassination. ""A WILD TIME AT THE MOVIES""
wolf of wall street 2013 insane rich people movies 3:00:00 yes did NOT feel like 3hrs. Jesus christ what an insane ride.
coraline 2009 mystery 1:40:00 yes
ex machina 2014 mystery 1:47:00 yes
glass onion: a knives out mystery 2022 mystery 2:20:00 yes
gone girl 2014 mystery 2:29:00 yes
knives out 2019 mystery 2:10:00 yes
parasite 2019 mystery 2:12:00 yes
the night of the hunter 1955 mystery 1:32:00 not yet
velvet buzzsaw 2019 mystery 1:52:00 yes RULES
blood simple 1984 neo-noir 1:36:00 yes coen brothers, watched at EXPUNGED via REDACTED viewing! Striking visuals, I'm still not sure if I ""get"" the story-- hard for me to understand ray's motivation. But I enjoyed it overall, and it definitely stuck with me
audition 1999 psychological 1:55:00 not yet
berberian sound studio 2012 psychological 1:28:00 not yet
black swan 2010 psychological 1:48:00 not yet
censor 2021 psychological 1:24:00 not yet
ingrid goes west 2017 psychological 1:38:00 not yet aubrey plaza as stalker
king of comedy 1982 psychological 1:49:00 yes a nauseating meditation on social boundaries/soft nos-- and their repeated violation
mulholland drive 2001 psychological 2:27:00 not yet
psycho 1960 psychological 1:49:00 yes
rosemary's baby 1968 psychological 2:16:00 not yet
silence of the lambs 1991 psychological 1:59:00 yes
the cabinet of dr. caligari 1920 psychological 1:11:00 not yet
the eyes of my mother 2016 psychological 1:17:00 not yet
the housemaid 1960 psychological 1:51:00 not yet korean homewrecker movie
we strangers 2024 psychological 1:26:00 not yet EXPUNGED, ""housekeeper slowly, uncomfortably acclimates to high society""
us 2019 psychological 1:56:00 not yet
anders als die andern 1919 queer 0:50:00 yes available to rent at REDACTED!!
but I'm a cheerleader 1999 queer 1:21:00 yes RULES
glen or glenda 1953 queer 1:03:00 not yet ed wood
man alive: consenting adults 1967 queer 0:59:00 not yet BBC 2-part doc on gays and lesbians
maurice 1987 queer 2:20:00 yes
moonlight 2016 queer 1:51:00 yes RULES
paris is burning 1990 queer 1:18:00 yes
the birdcage 1996 queer 1:59:00 yes
tongues untied 1989 queer 0:55:00 yes
you don't know dick 1997 queer 1:20:00 not yet
alien 1979 sci-fi 1:57:00 not yet
annihilation 2018 sci-fi 1:55:00 yes
blade runner 1982 sci-fi 2:02:00 yes need to rewatch
southbound 2015 sci-fi 1:29:00 not yet
the last man on earth 1964 sci-fi 1:26:00 not yet
xtro 1982 sci-fi 1:23:00 not yet BOTW, honestly pretty good
bloody new year 1987 slasher 1:33:00 not yet
Candyman (Jordan Peele) 2021 slasher 1:30:00 yes
Candyman (original) 1992 slasher 1:30:00 yes RULES
carrie 1976 slasher 1:38:00 yes RULES
chopping mall 1986 slasher 1:16:00 not yet BOTW
friday the 13th 1980 slasher 1:35:00 yes
friday the 13th: part ii 1981 slasher 1:26:00 yes
halloween 1978 slasher 1:31:00 yes
hellraiser 1987 slasher 1:34:00 not yet
horror stories 2012 slasher 1:49:00 yes fucked up k-horror anthology, only watched surgery bride sisters part
in a violent nature 2024 slasher 1:34:00 not yet EXPUNGED, ""graphically violent, brutally gory deconstructed arthouse slasher""
killing spree 1987 slasher 1:28:00 not yet BOTW, protag who looks like the unabomber
nightmare on elm street 1984 slasher 1:31:00 not yet
silent night deadly night 2 1987 slasher 1:28:00 not yet GARBAGE DAY (don't need to watch the first movie, this one does plenty of recap)
sleepaway camp 1983 slasher 1:44:00 not yet
slumber party massacre 1982 slasher 1:16:00 not yet
sorority house massacre 1986 slasher 1:14:00 yes RULES
texas chainsaw massacre 1974 slasher 1:23:00 yes
the night brings charlie 1990 slasher 1:15:00 yes VHS UA
her 2013 tragic romance 1:59:00 yes eh
suzhou river 2000 tragic romance 1:23:00 not yet chinese mermaid movie
William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet: Special Edition (Dir: Baz Luhrmann) 1996 tragic romance 2:00:00 yes
alucard 2008 vampires 2:36:00 not yet hal's favorite version of dracula (mega low budget, but most faithful to book)
blade 1998 vampires 2:00:00 yes
bram stoker's dracula 1992 vampires 2:07:00 not yet pretty sure this is the keanu reeves one
count dracula 1977 vampires 2:30:00 not yet
dracula 1931 vampires 1:15:00 yes
horror of dracula 1958 vampires 1:22:00 yes
near dark 1987 vampires 1:35:00 not yet road trip, tangerine dream OST
nosferatu 1922 vampires 1:34:00 not yet
queen of the damned 2002 vampires 1:41:00 not yet
The Last Vampire on Earth 2010 vampires 1:30:00 not yet BOTW
the velvet vampire 1971 vampires 1:19:00 not yet
what we do in the shadows 2014 vampires 1:26:00 yes RULES
house of usher 1960 vincent price 1:19:00 not yet
house of wax 1953 vincent price 1:28:00 yes
house on a haunted hill 1959 vincent price 1:15:00 yes the vincent price movie I really really like (with the acid pit)
masque of red death 1963 vincent price 1:30:00 not yet
the bat 1959 vincent price 1:20:00 yes
witchhunter general 1968 vincent price 1:28:00 not yet
hateful eight 2015 western 2:48:00 not yet
the good the bad and the ugly 1967 western 2:41:00 yes
blackcoat's daughter 2015 witches 1:33:00 not yet stylistically striking, v atmospheric
the craft 1996 witches 1:40:00 not yet
the vvitch 2015 witches 1:32:00 yes
corpse bride 2005 zombies 1:34:00 yes
night of the living dead 1968 zombies 1:36:00 not yet
one cut of the dead 2017 zombies 1:36:00 yes a love letter to film making, first half is one continuous shot! RULES
Samurai Zombie 2008 zombies 1:31:00 yes ridiculous
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